Chief Instructor
Alicia Lanada Kossmann

Alicia is a 9th Red Belt with over forty-five years of experience in the ancient Filipino martial art of
Kuntaw. She is a multiple gold medallist of the NC State Games. Alicia is the Chief Instructor and Co-Owner of
Kuntaw Palace.  She is the Chief Executive Director of the IKF/ MKA/ NATO and Kuntaw Legacy.

Alicia graduated from Mansfield School of Nursing in Virginia Beach, VA, earning her associate’s degree in the
medical field.

Throughout the martial arts community she is known and respected for her prowess in both kata performance
and sparring competition.Her martial arts career is decorated with numerous awards for her Kata
demonstrations including “Best Kata Performer” by the Commander of Subic Naval Base, PI from 1978 to
1980.  She has repeatedly earned the title of champion at the Nationals in Washington, DC. As an international
martial arts competitor, her record of three consecutive years as undefeated champion of the Fil-Am
International Martial Arts Tournaments from 1981 through 1983 remains unmatched still today. In 2006, Alicia
won the U.S. Nationals in Washington, D.C.

Head Instructor
William W. Kossmann

William is a 7th degree black belt  in the art of Kuntaw. He is an international champion and a multiple gold
medallist of the NC State Games. William is the Head Instructor and Co-Owner of Kuntaw Palace.  

William Attended Barton College  Wilson, North Carolina, where he went on to graduate Cum Laude receiving
his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He served his country as a U.S. Navy Diver and as a
member of the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power Program in its elite submarine force aboard the USS PHOENIX.t
Assistant Instructor
Cassandra M. Lanada Kossmann

Cassandra is a  2nd degree  black belt  in the art of Kuntaw. She is an international champion, Grandchampion,
and a multiple gold medallist of the NC State Games. Cassandra is an Assistant Instructor at Kuntaw Palace,  
Cassandra is the successor of Kuntaw's  Legacy.
122 S. Goldsboro St.. Wilson, NC 27896
Ph: 252-289-5878
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